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To a Goddess, time was meaningless. One day for a human was nothing to Amaterasu who could run from Kamiki Village all the way to Sei'pan City and be back again in time for a good festival. But, as she looked at the sun which was beginning to wane, Ammy understood.

Failure to defeat Yami would spell the end to them all...but she could not guarantee, could not reassure, that she would make it out alive or even if so then would be successful. The final battle could end in many ways, even the mighty head god could never predict.

With the burden heavy on her shoulders, the white wolf knew she had to make the best of her last hours on Nippon. There was so much to still see and do, so many friends to visit and things to smell and taste. Even if she did defeat Yami, there was a chance that Ammy would be unable to return to the world of mortals.

Inside the house of Okikurumi, the wolf goddess found herself watching Oki as he tended to his supper. Issun was bouncing up and down beside him, arguing some point the Oina man had made. Amaterasu watched them with cloaked amusement, but then her head cocked to one side.

If any of the people met in her travels had held any particular interest to the Goddess, then it had to be Oki. He was complex in his thoughts and emotions, but at the center was a heart that was warmer than the snow and frost of Kamui. His heart was full of goodness, but it had been cloaked with selfish desire. His mind had been closed off as well, unable to listen to reason.

It had been Shiranui who had saved Oki from himself, and once more Amaterasu whispered a prayer of thanks to her past self. Shiranui had lived a hundred years before and yet he was still helping, even at the cost of his life and body.

Now there was no finer man or wolf to be found in all of Nippon and for some reason the Goddess felt a strange rush of emotions. There was a flutter in her heart whenever she gazed upon Oki, and the battle between the twin demons had be won by their combined strength.

Was it possible that she was in love with Oki? If so then the white wolf didn't know how to be certain. Celestials were not the kind of being who needed love and children were unknown to them, although one appeared every once in a while.

If this was indeed love, then Amaterasu knew she could not fail. Oki had been willing to die for home and the people he loved, and Ammy would do the same....but first she would leave him with a precious gift. The gift of seeing the world beyond Kamui.
As much as Amaterasu liked Issun's company, the little Poncle was to sit this last venture out. The goddess waited patiently for him to become woozy from the combination of a long day, a warm meal, and a nice place to rest.

When she was certain that he would not stir, Amaterasu rose from her makeshift bed and beckoned to Oki to join her outside. Behind the mask the man lifted a brow, but he followed her.
Taking his wolf form, Oki let the Goddess led him in the direction opposite of the route that led to Wep’keer.
Perched on the ledge overlooking Shinshu Field, Amaterasu watched as Oki took in the sights. She didn't need to tell him that this was the same place that they saw 100 years in the past. But time can change things and Oki was soon aware of what changed between the then and the now.

Using Catwalk to descend from the ledge safetly, Amaterasu led the way. Taking the path at a run which left a trail of flowers and grass in her wake, Ammy led Oki to the entrance that led to Agata Forest and together they left the field far behind.

There was one small delay which was to meet Madame Fawn, but the two wolves soon continued to Taka Pass. The city was close by, but Amaterasu would not go there. Instead she and Oki turned along the route that led to a very special place.

Sasa Sanctuary, the home of the Sparrow Clan.

But only those who were pure of heart could enter...and would Oki be able to pass the test? As she padded forward, Amaterasu felt the magic that kept the Sanctuary hidden from all except the special few. It wrapped around her form, then shrank back as if recognizing her. She was let through without a single issue.

But Oki was not following and that worried the white wolf. Lifting a paw, Oki slowly moved forward at a slow pace. Once more Ammy sensed the magic, but she could do nothing if the Sanctuary rejected him. Her power was legendary, but she had to respect the decisions made by Jamba and his ancestors. If the Goddess could not, then the mortals would lose faith faster than a Sakura tree can lose its blossoms.

There was a moment of tension...the Goddess held her breath and prayed deeply. Then it was done, Oki trotted over to join her, his tail wagging and his lips opened in a grin. Her own tail wagged and Amaterasu found herself leaning forward to lick his nose. Red eyes went wide with surprise, but the All-Mother had moved on.
Born into a land of ice and snow and eternal cold, Oki was familiar only to the warmth that came from the fires that warmed the huts. There was the occasion time when the twin volcanoes erupted, but that warm didn't last long before the snow claimed the land in an icy grasp once more.

Hot springs were not a foreign concept to him, it was rumored in countless literature and talk from the occasional outsiders that there were pools of heated water, places where ice and cold were unable to claim. It was a nice thing to consider, but Oki had not much use for tales.

That was then, but now that he was seeing the springs for himself, the wolf felt foolish for his doubts. To think that such a place existed, to provide warmth and comfort to weary travelers who proved worthy. It was something that Samickle would never believe.

Her companion could only stand there and gawk, but Amaterasu helped herself. She plunged into the water with a big splash, startling Jamba's wife who huffed a bit before settling back for a nap. As water hit him, Oki snapped out of his stupor and could not resist any longer.
The night was starting to grow old as both wolves rested in the bamboo thicket. Oki was fast asleep, but the All-Mother was still wide awake. Oh she was indeed tired and knew that rest was needed to have her at the peak of her powers, but something kept the wolf awake.

She found herself watching Oki instead. Compared to how he was awake or under the influence of his own desires, the warrior was almost gentle and innocent as he slept. Just watching him made a strong feeling of love rush through the Goddess. It was now clear to her that what she felt was the strange thing that mortals called love. But it was different from the other forms that she had encountered during her journey.

There had been love between two boys and their dogs, enough that the Canine Warriors forsook their roles to remain with their young masters. There was the tender love of parents and their children, even if the later was not of their own blood.

What she felt now was the strongest kind of love, it was the kind that made young lovers defy rules and expectations, it was the bond between husband and wife. Amaterasu, origin of all that is good and mother to us all was in love with Oki.

As if the mere thought had awaken him, the large wolf opened his eyes and gazed at the white wolf. Dark eyes met his crimson gaze, and they felt the love flow between them.
The very next day Amaterasu departed, with Oki watching her alongside Samickle and the other Oina villagers. The Goddess looked back several times, but her final attention was given to Issun.

And then she was gone.

But not for forever.
I finally got this thing done...and I am pretty okay with how it turned out. I started this story long before I left for work at 2:00 and finished it in pieces before finally reaching the end. And a long thing it turned out to be too.

There are some weak parts, but I think it is pretty good for the most part.

We need more fanfics for Amaterasu and Oki in love, because I think they are a beautiful pair. Both wolves are strong alone, but together they prove to be enough to defeat two demon owls. But what I like about the couple most is how Ammy seems to have faith in Oki, even when it is clear that he is being selfish and prideful. Maybe she is amused by his antics, thinking of him as being childish at times. To be honest, Amaterasu has proven to be a good judge of character. 

Another reason for my love of Oki and Ammy as a couple is kind of due to simple logic. Gods are known to be attracted to mortals who are either strong (in men) or beautiful (in women). Oki may be an asshole for the first part of the game, but you have to admit that he is pretty strong and his morals are good (even if the means are questionable).

I don’t buy the idea that Waka can turn into a wolf just so that he could be cozy with Ammy. Nope, I will keep him as a plain human being and make him be the husband of Kaguya.

Pretty much it would be Oki or nobody...I think she would need somebody to help her produce a heir.

This story kind of explains the origins of Chibi as well.
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