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Oki had been a young boy when he saw her, no older than Lika. The woman had appeared out of nowhere while he was making a snowman, pushing a ball of snow around as it steadily grew larger and larger. It was tiring work and the young Oina had paused to catch his breath.

He happened to look up and blinked in surprise, for he was now looking at a mysterious woman who had not been then a few seconds before.

To keep the demons from stealing their souls, the Oina tribe wore masks over their faces. It was rare for one of his people to remove their mask, except for basic tasks. But this woman had no mask on her face, so he was free to gaze upon her exposed features. Clothed in a kimono of high-quality white silk, the woman was made to look very washed out, except for her long hair which was black and her lips which were blue.

Oki never saw her before, he didn't think that anyone in Wep'keer had. Not from the gossip and stories that he heard when seated around the village fire. Kemu never spoke of mysterious people who looked so pale and ghost-like...well there was that one story.

A tale of a woman who was connected to snowstorms and the freezing temperatures that could still a beating heart. She was said to be very beautiful, but was seldom very kind. Her name in stories was spoken with respect, but obvious fear. Yuki-onna, the Snow Woman.

As if she saw the realization in those red eyes, the Yuki-onna smiled. It was far from the warm and loving smile of his mother and best friend Kai.

Despite his young age, Oki knew that he was going to die soon. There were only a handful of tales that spoke of exceptions to the spirit's normal practices. The boy knew he was destined for great things, but if his death would save the lives of his family and friends...then Oki was ready to follow her into the shadows.

To his surprise, the Yuki-onna let out a laugh which sounded like the howl of the wind during a blizzard.

"You are a strange boy," the spirit finally spoke. Her voice was very soft and low, making him think of the snowflakes that had started falling around them. "You do not what other children have done in your place." She told him. "You do not run away or beg me to show you not know what I am? Do you know not what my powers can do to a mortal?"

"You are an Yuki-onna," Oki replied. "And I am indeed afraid of you. But if my life will save the lives of my friends and family outside, then I will gladly accept death. I wished I could be a great warrior of Kamui, but my mother once said that heroes can serve in other ways. Thus I am ready when you are."

"Brave words from one so young," the Snow Woman said, looking quite impressed. "The fact you wish to sacrifice your life for others...that is noble and selfless. If only other warriors and men could be more like you." Her words faded.

"What is your name, young Oina pup?"


The Yuki-onna ran her eyes up and down the child's small form, her eyes seem to pierce his being. Oki found himself shivering, but was unsure the cause. The ghostly head tilted to one side, the expression on her face was thoughtful.

"If you were any other child, then you would be dead." She told him flatly. "Yet I cannot bring myself to harm a child whose future will decide the fate of Kamui and the world." Oki just stared at the ghost woman with a blank expression in his eyes.

Another smile was given to him in return, this one was noticeably more friendlier than the last.  “You are a beautiful boy, Oki, and you will grow into a man who is both handsome and strong."

"For all your strength and loyalty, there will be one dark cloud to your heart. Your full potential will be unknown until the day that you will be saved by light of a dying sun. Only then will your heart be true and there will be a silver hue."

As the last word fell, the snow maiden was gone. As fast as she had appeared. Oki looked around him briefly, then glanced at the large snowball beside him. Losing interest in his previous task, the boy chose to go home and take a nap.

But the Yuki-onna's words remained at the back of his mind until the day her prophecy came true.
I am not sure how many people know this, but many things in Okami are based off of a variety of tales from Japanese mythology and folklore. With this in mind, I found myself wondering about Kamui. Then I found myself wondering if they have run-ins with a famous yokai. That being the Yuki-onna (or Snow Woman).

The spirit of a woman who froze to death, the Yuki-onna is described as being a very pale woman with black hair and blue lips. She can either wear a white kimono or be naked, but only her head will be visible. From what I have found...most of the tales are not happy stories.

But I did find one story that I chose to base this off of. In it the Yuki-onna decided to spare a young boy due to his beauty. She made him promise not to tell anyone of the encounter and he agreed. What will not happen in this scenario is that she ends up being his wife and spares his life only if he promises not to harm their children.

In this case, the spirit gives him an important message which ties perfectly into the events of Okami. You have Shiranui being the 'dying sun' and the last part refers to how Oki chose to help Ammy and Shiranui and thus proved himself worthy of Kutone.

Also included a theory of mine, based on the concept behind Halloween costumes. Before it was all for fun, children were dressed up by their parents as a means of keeping safe from demons. The costumes not only disguised the kids, but also scared the bad things away. Given how Wep'keer was plagued by demons during Okami, I am guessing that maybe the same rule applies. 

Of course, maybe the masks also serve to pretend frostbite on the face :shrug:. Maybe both?
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Master-Kankuro Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Really nicely written. :clap:
KalahariMeerkatfan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ my curious mind just had to go there, but I thought 'why not'? But this kind of has a little more significance. I have been reading stories and seeing art about Ammy having a possible human form and in most of them her color scheme is very pale (not surprising I suppose since she is a white wolf). Thinking of that compared to Kamui made me think that she might look like a Yuki-ona to those who couldn't see her divine markings. 

To be honest, I see Ammy's return as being a more subtle affair compared to her descent into the heavens. Most of the game was spent having her being thought of as no more than a simple wolf.

There is another concept I want to try with her...I love this one story that I found on, but I think I want to try a humanized version of Ammy that fits to how she is portrayed in the game (maybe with a few other references). 
Master-Kankuro Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hmmm I dunno, since Ammy is the goddess of the sun, isn´t she?
And the Yuki Onna more a Youkai affiliated with snow.

We´ll see what you´ll post here soon. ^^
KalahariMeerkatfan Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean in terms of depictions. Ammy has red markings, but if the ink runs out (I so like Okami compared to Okamiden in the fact that the ink spots recharge automatically) or the belief in her falls, then she appears like a normal wolf. In human form, most people have her with white hair, and the Yuki-onna is said to have black hair (but she can also disguise herself...

^^ This is going to be my yokai/tales set, but I am going to do a tassel set of stories too. I think I am going for small stories, I have a hard time dedicated myself to serious writing.
Master-Kankuro Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I see. Yeah I noticed the markings being gone, when the ink runs out.

I see. The drabble-style is a nice thing to get into writing. As you maay~ have notoves,
I´m also currently writing my very first serious fanfiction which almost reached it´s 50th chapter nbow. *v*
I´m quite proud about it, but I dunno if you know the Game/Anime series Yo-Kai Watch......
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